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We work closely with our clients and keep ourselves engaged with our clients through formal and informal communications. This enables us to remain updated with our clients’ business, and also ensures that our clients are aware of the latest changes that may impact their business.

If you maintain bookkeeping yourself, we shortly after the year end we will help you collect the information we need from you, from where we able to produce draft accounts within a week, including calculation of your tax liability. Once the accounts are finalized and approved by you we submit them to the relevant departments.

If we maintain your bookkeeping, we will collect the documents from you at agreed intervals, our accountants summarize the information and provide you electronic copy of the records for your review and analysis, in this way you will know your business financials throughout the year and could plan the future strategies accordingly. At the year-end we will finalize the accounts and submit you draft accounts for approval, which once approved are submitted to relevant departments.

We are totally focused and committed to deliver best possible services through sustainable business performance. Our free ‘latest technical issue’ consolidates all the matters relevant to your business. Our free telephone and email services provide you the opportunity to ask us any question and free e-reminders! Ensure that you don’t miss important dates.

We don’t just sit back and prepare your accounts only at year end, we work with you throughout the year to provide you help with accounting matters, employee costs and payroll issues, tax planning, purchasing, inventory levels, VAT and any other matter where you require a professional advice.


Couple of years ago when we started our souvenirs and gift business at the Centre of Oxford Street we wanted to have an accountant of prior experience of dealing with High Street Top End Businesses...

Bridge Factor Ltd.
Feb 09, 2016

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